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Who Are the Palestinians of Jerusalem?

Palestinians comprise nearly half the population of Jerusalem and have built, and shaped, the city for centuries, yet their stories are rarely told.

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Closure and Access to Jerusalem

Jerusalem is known as an open, international, “city of peace.” For millions of Palestinians, however, it is a closed, virtually unreachable, city.

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In Jerusalem as in the rest of the country, land is the locus of the struggle for control. Here we explore the status of land in Jerusalem and its environs.

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The Separation Wall

Israel's Separation Wall, called al-jidar by Palestinians, has drastically reshaped the geopolitical fabric of Jerusalem.

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Feature Story Jerusalem Churches Protest the Municipality’s Attempts to Tax Them

A long-standing clash between church and city flares up anew in Jerusalem.

Feature Story East Jerusalem Schools Deal with One Crisis after Another—Most Are Related to Funding

East Jerusalem schools are adamant that their curriculum must help Jerusalem children understand their lived realities.

Interview State Land Registration in East Jerusalem Continues to Advance Settlement Goals, Dispossess Palestinians

The city and the settlers forge ahead with land registration in Jerusalem as a means to dispossess Palestinians in areas of interest.

Blog Post “We Do Not Describe Jerusalem—We Interpret It”: Raed Saadeh and His Model of Jerusalem

Jerusalem is a mosaic of faiths, cultures, and communities, so much larger than the labels given to it.

Blog Post Crafting Arabesques in Jerusalem

A retired Jerusalemite writer and researcher creates his own Arab architecture museum in Ras al-Amud.

Interactive Map The Separation Wall in and around Jerusalem

An interactive map of the Separation Wall in Jerusalem and its environs

Graphic Fragmented and Asphyxiated

How the Separation Wall dismantles Palestinian Jerusalem

Video Kindergarten in the Grip of the Wall

Grace under duress: How one kindergarten managed to adapt when Israel’s Separation Wall was routed right through its playground.

Backgrounder Jerusalem: A Closed City

Closure, a “temporary” measure introduced in 1991, is the system that controls Palestinians’ movement and blocks millions from accessing Jerusalem.

Blog Post Palestinian Advocate Zakaria Odeh: “Injustice, Colonization, and Occupation Can’t Last Forever”

Zakaria Odeh has spent most of his professional life advocating for Palestinian rights in East Jerusalem and beyond.

Video Al-Quds (Arab Jerusalem)

This documentary depicts life in Arab Jerusalem before the 1967 War and captures Palestinians’ sense of loss in its aftermath.

Interview Rereading Jerusalem’s History

Palestinian Jerusalemites view the history of their city through a different lens. A conversation with Palestinian historian Nazmi Jubeh.

Blog Post Lessons of Our Elders: What They Lost When They Lost Jerusalem

What do Jerusalemites who were forced to leave their homes in 1948 tell their descendants about the place they lost?

Feature Story Settlers Fail at Brazen Attempt to Seize Historic Khalidi Home

Khalidi family wins rare court decision against settlers, but what does it portend?

Feature Story The Nusseibeh Family: Khazraj Roots That Grew and Blossomed in Jerusalem

A conversation with the Nusseibehs about their family’s centuries of history in and contributions to Jerusalem

Feature Story Jerusalem Churches Protest the Municipality’s Attempts to Tax Them

A long-standing clash between church and city flares up anew in Jerusalem.

Blog Post From Community Space to Surveillance Chokepoint: Jerusalem’s Ancient Damascus Gate Transformed

Damascus Gate has become ugly, not from an architectural point of view but from a daily emotional one.

Short Take Dutch Investor Demands Human Rights Safeguards in East Jerusalem Surveillance Operations

Manufacturer of surveillance tech deployed in East Jerusalem faces the risk of disinvestment over draconian surveillance of Palestinians.

Journal Article Wadi al-Joz: In Focus

The families that made Wadi al-Joz their home and the efforts to remove the area’s industrial zone in the 1980s

Blog Post The Unusual Origins of an Iconic East Jerusalem Hotel

A Palestinian “Pasha’s Palace” became a haven for traumatized evangelical Christians who served the community for decades and founded a storied hotel.