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Who Are the Palestinians of Jerusalem?

Palestinians comprise nearly half the population of Jerusalem and have built, and shaped, the city for centuries, yet their stories are rarely told.

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Closure and Access to Jerusalem

Jerusalem is known as an open, international, “city of peace.” For millions of Palestinians, however, it is a closed, virtually unreachable, city.

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In Jerusalem as in the rest of the country, land is the locus of the struggle for control. Here we explore the status of land in Jerusalem and its environs.

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The Separation Wall

Israel's Separation Wall, called al-jidar by Palestinians, has drastically reshaped the geopolitical fabric of Jerusalem.

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Personal Story Zakia Jabre Hajjar: “What I Had in Jerusalem Was Like a Treasure, a Precious Gift, and I Lost It”

A Palestinian Jerusalemite’s memories of growing up in Jerusalem before the Nakba, as shared with her daughter through letters in later years

Personal Story The Day of the Long Night

A Palestinian Jerusalemite remembers his childhood and its terrifying end in the New City neighborhood of Qatamon. An eyewitness testimony to the violent end of the New City.

Personal Story Recollections of an Old City Childhood in the Shadow of the Nakba

A well-to-do Jerusalem family was made refugees overnight in 1948; they lost everything but tenaciously remained in their city and gradually rebuilt.

The West Side Story
Video “What Have I Forgotten to Tell You?” Featuring Abla Dajani

Palestinian Jerusalemite Abla Dajani pays a bittersweet visit to her family home in al-Baq‘a, West Jerusalem, which was seized by Israel in 1948 and given to Jewish ownership. 

Personal Story “These Are Our Homes”: Visiting West Jerusalem’s Neighborhoods with Mounir Kleibo

Mounir Kleibo, former ILO Special Representative, tells the story of his mother’s family home in Lower Baq‘a in today’s West Jerusalem.

Graphic Hand-drawn Map of Qatamon

Who lived in the New City Palestinian neighborhood of Qatamon, which ceased to exist as such after 1948?

Personal Story The End of Arab Qatamon—A Memoir

A vivid memoir attesting to what it was like to live through the violent transformation of the New City of Jerusalem into West Jerusalem in 1947–48

Photo The Qatamon Medal

A long-discontinued military medal sheds light on the violent past of West Jerusalem.

Short Take The Sakakini House: Tracing Israel’s Bureaucracy of Collective Confiscation through One Treasured Home

“All we talk about is the house”—A timeline showing how a Palestinian home in what became West Jerusalem was confiscated and passed to Jewish ownership and its origins erased

The West Side Story
Personal Story The Hammoudi Family and the Loss of a Jerusalem Home: One Family’s Multigenerational Longing

The pain of collective trauma as experienced by successive generations: A Jerusalem family’s story.

Photo Scanning the Hills

A critical strategic point during the 1948 War for Jerusalem

Photo The Battle for Jerusalem, 1948

A moment showing the Arab defense of Jerusalem, 1948

Photo Album 1948 and Beyond: The Ongoing Palestinian Displacement

A pictorial journey of Palestinian displacement over generations

Bio Said Murad

Composer, oud player, and founder of the band Sabreen, which revolutionized Arab music and the Jerusalem music scene

Video My Jerusalem: Testimonial to Life in Jerusalem before 1948

Jerusalemites born in the 1920s and 1930s recount their memories of growing up in Jerusalem and what they lost when they were forced to leave in 1948.

Blog Post A Fascinating Biography of Jerusalem Tracing Its Evolution into a Global City

This scholarly yet accessible biography describes Jerusalem’s rise to an eternal symbol for the three Abrahamic religions. A book review.

Personal Story Falling Leaves Turn Back to Their Roots

The author reflects on growing up in al-Baq‘a during the British Mandate and her family’s experience of the Nakba.

Blog Post Why Are the Trees Surrounding al-Aqsa Mosque Dying?

Trees in the Haram al-Sharif compound are dying. What’s killing them?

Blog Post Emleson School: Championing Community through Education

This women-initiated community project evolved into a facility that nurtures children from nursery school through grade 8.

Blog Post How Settlers Warp History in Silwan

How the City of David Foundation distorts the narrative of archaeological sites in Silwan

Interactive Map Jerusalem Divided by the Green Line (1949)

An interactive map of Jerusalem as divided by the Green Line of 1949

Journal Article Silwan, the Bleeding Wound

A survey of the myriad array of mechanisms of displacement aimed at Silwan and its residents