Feature Story

Feature Story Israel Takes Final Steps to Large-Scale Land Confiscation and Forced Displacement of Bedouin

Three Bedouin communities face one more effort to displace them as Israel confiscates Palestinian land.

Feature Story Islamic Authorities and Community Prepare Warily for Ramadan

As Ramadan approaches, the Waqf Council announces its plans, and Israel sets up new surveillance cameras in holy spaces.

Feature Story After Months of War, Jerusalem’s Municipal Elections Leave Palestinian Residents Indifferent

When Jerusalem goes to the polls this week, Palestinians will likely stay home.

Feature Story Israeli Government Pumping Millions into Rebranding the Holy Basin, Erasing Palestinian Heritage

Israel is spending millions on a Judeo-centric “Jerusalem Heritage” program for the Holy Basin.

Feature Story Controversial Cable Car Project Sparks Outcry as City Orders Land Expropriation from Silwan Residents

The city notifies Silwan residents of its planned confiscation of private lands as cable car project gets underway.

Feature Story Sheikh Ekrima Sabri, “Guardian of the Pulpit” of al-Aqsa Mosque, Targeted by Extremist Israeli Groups

Israeli extremists agitate for arrest, even assassination, of a beloved al-Aqsa Mosque preacher.

Feature Story Under Cover of War, Israel Charges Ahead with Severing East Jerusalem from the West Bank through Settlements

Israel’s most recent settlement proposal in East Jerusalem would further cut off the city from the remainder of the West Bank.

Feature Story For Palestinian Jerusalemite Prisoners, Release Does Not Equate to Freedom

Israel exerts heavy-handed controls over released prisoners’ lives.