Feature Story

Feature Story As UNRWA Shutters Its Jerusalem Office Under Intensifying Israeli Pressure, Palestinians Reflect on UNRWA’s Role

Israel seems to have declared war on UNRWA. How would its permanent closure affect Palestinian Jerusalemites?

Feature Story Supreme Court Rules to Expel a Palestinian Family in Silwan from Property It Bought in 1966

The Shehadeh family in Silwan has been fighting an Israeli Supreme Court eviction order, and the outcome affects dozens of families.

Feature Story East Jerusalem Schools Deal with One Crisis after Another—Most Are Related to Funding

East Jerusalem schools are adamant that their curriculum must help Jerusalem children understand their lived realities.

Feature Story Why Is the Palestinian Population of Jerusalem’s Old City Shrinking?

Palestinians are gradually leaving the Old City in response to Israel’s multilayered pressures.

Feature Story Supreme Court Overturns Expulsion Orders for Three Sheikh Jarrah Families in Kerem al-Juni

Three more Sheikh Jarrah families get a reprieve and a modicum of hope. 

Feature Story Israeli Courts Order More than 50 Palestinians Expelled from Homes in Silwan and Sheikh Jarrah

Israeli Supreme Court orders expulsion of Palestinians from their homes in Jerusalem’s Sheikh Jarrah and Silwan.

Feature Story In Historic First, Police Arrest Palestinian Professor on Suspicion of Incitement Based on Academic Work, Podcast

Nadera Shalhoub-Kevorkian, a world-renowned Palestinian feminist scholar, is arrested from bed and hauled to prison for interrogation.

Feature Story On Palestinian Prisoners’ Day, Hundreds of Jerusalemite Families Are Anxious about the Fate of Their Captive Children

Thousands of Palestinian prisoners, including children, face excruciating conditions in Israeli prisons.

Feature Story Israel Attempts to Seize Palestinian-Owned Parking Lot to Build Promenade

The city sets its sights on a Palestinian-owned space, once a sheep market, that serves Old City residents and worshippers.