Photo Essay

Photo Essay Sacred Seasons: Tracing the Holy Calendar of Jerusalem’s Palestinians

The sacred traditions of Jerusalem’s Palestinians through time and faiths

Photo Essay King David Hotel, a Focal Point in British Mandate Jerusalem Whose Bombing Was a Watershed Moment

For Palestinian Jerusalemites, the city’s first luxury hotel will always be linked to a terrorist act that signaled the end of their lives in Jerusalem.

Photo Essay The YMCA: A Cherished Social Hub during the Mandate Years

The Jerusalem YMCA was the social, athletic, and cultural hub for Jerusalemites during the British Mandate years.

Photo Essay Women of Jerusalem: Celebrating International Women’s Day

The Palestinian Jerusalemite women you need to know about this International Women’s Day

Photo Essay Ben-Gvir Unleashes a Wave of Home Demolitions across East Jerusalem

Home demolitions take place in Palestinian neighborhoods across the city; Jabal Mukkabir is targeted and its residents take to the streets.

Photo Essay Over the High Holidays, Palestinians Must Cope with a Closed City

Israel imposes total closure during the Jewish holidays. For those who don’t celebrate, this means days of immobility both in the city and around it.

Photo Essay In the Shadow of the Separation Wall, a Restaurant Remains Open

Surrounded, isolated, and overshadowed by the Separation Wall, al-Karawan Restaurant somehow remains open and popular for its famous delectable homemade Palestinian cooking. 

Photo Essay Soup for All: A Centuries-Old Tradition of Community Care

Palestinian photographer Muath al-Khatib visits a community kitchen that warms his heart as part of our series on Jerusalemites’ favorite places in the city.