Jerusalem Story Authors

Researcher/Writer, Jerusalem Story

Amina Abdulhaq is a human rights lawyer and a researcher. Her family has deep historic roots in Jerusalem. Her work focuses on Jerusalem, women, and...

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Writer/Editor, Jerusalem Story

Arda Aghazarian is a communications consultant with ample experience in creative and professional writing, and has also worked in audiovisual...

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Nisreen Alayan is a human rights lawyer and the director of the Multiculturalism Clinic at the Center for the Center for the Study of Multiculturalism...

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Afif Amireh is a photographer from Jerusalem.

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The author prefers to remain anonymous. 


Khalil Assali is editor of the Jerusalem-centric Arabic website Akhbar elBalad.

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Editor, Jerusalem Story

Ida Audeh is an editor who lives in Virginia. Her review of Anan Ameri’s The Wandering Palestinian: A Memoir was published in Journal of Palestine...

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Alice Austin is a music and cultural journalist from London. She covers the intersection of politics and music with a focus on Israel-Palestine, and...

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Nadine Bahour is a research program coordinator for the Palestine Program for Health and Human Rights at the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health...

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Researcher/Editor, Jerusalem Story and Commissioning Editor, al-Shabaka

Nadim Bawalsa is a historian of modern Palestine and has written on the emergence of Palestinian diaspora communities across Latin America in the...

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