Kufr ‘Aqab: A Neighborhood in Jerusalem

The wall around Kufr Aqab neighborhood, East Jerusalem

Kufr ‘Aqab is a densely populated Palestinian neighborhood that is located inside the Israeli-imposed municipal boundaries of Jerusalem but outside the massive Separation Wall, which was completed in 2005. It’s so popular with Palestinians (for various reasons) that today about one-third of the city’s Palestinians live there. But the neighborhood has been virtually abandoned and forgotten by the city. What lies beyond the wall?

A Jerusalem Story production
Cinematographers: Mays Shkerat, Ihab Jadallah, Sari Hammouri
Film editor: Mays Shkerat
Sound editor: Mays Shkerat
Senior Producer: Kate Rouhana
Producer: Hana Elias
Field Producer: Mays Shkerat
Story Producer: Malak Zamzam
Scriptwriter: Kate Rouhana
Translation: Farah al-Sharif, Malak Zamzam