Palestinians living in East Jerusalem face a surreal threat: their city authorities want them gone, and they’re willing to resort to extreme and blatantly illegal means to expel them forcibly from their own homes, one by one. This dystopian phenomenon is examined here. 

The Story in Numbers


Jewish settlers live in East Jerusalem alongside 361,700 Palestinians [1]


Jewish settlers live in Palestinian buildings across East Jerusalem [2]


Approximate number of Palestinian property owners and tenants inside the Old City alone who have been forcibly expelled and displaced from their homes since 1967 [3]


Palestinian homes and properties in the Old City have been expropriated by settler organizations, in conjunction with the Israeli government, since the 1970s [4]


Palestinians across East Jerusalem are at high risk of being forcibly expelled from their homes by Israeli occupation authorities [5]


A minimum estimate of the number of Palestinian households across East Jerusalem that have expulsion cases filed against them, the majority of which were filed by settler organizations (data from 2021) [6]


Number of Palestinian families who were forcibly expelled from their homes in Batn al-Hawa, an area in the neighborhood of Silwan, south of the Old City (to date) [7]


Number of Palestinian families who were forcibly expelled from their homes in Sheikh Jarrah, a neighborhood in the north of Jerusalem, since 2009 [8]


[1] Omer Yaniv, Ytta Haddad, and Yair Assaf Shapira, Jerusalem Facts and Trends 2022 (Jerusalem: Jerusalem Institute for Policy Research, 2022), 18. The 2020 statistics presented here are official Israeli extrapolations based on the most recent (2008) Israeli census and should be understood within the prevailing political context: Israel seeks to diminish the numbers of Palestinians in the city, specifically to keep their proportion versus the Jewish population below a certain threshold.
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