Graphic Palestinian National Elections 1996–Present

A visual summary of the Palestinian national elections held since 1996

Graphic Jerusalem’s “Invisible Palestinian Children”

An extreme shortage of classrooms and schools for Palestinian children, and a severe problem of overcrowding in schools that do exist, have led to a shocking situation in the city. 

Graphic Distribution of School-Aged Palestinian Children in East Jerusalem

Where do Palestinian children in Jerusalem learn? How many are invisible to the system?

Graphic East Jerusalem’s Education System: A Bird’s-Eye View

Who is responsible for what in East Jerusalem’s education system? You might be surprised.

Graphic 1948 Aftermath for Palestinian Jerusalem: A Snapshot

What did the 1948 War and establishment of the State of Israel mean for Palestinian Jerusalem?

Graphic Freedom of Worship Denied: Ramadan 2023 for Palestinians

Israel claims that it allows access to Muslim holy sites for those with PA IDs who wish to pray. But how true was this during Ramadan 2023? A snapshot.

Graphic Want to Visit Palestinians in the West Bank? Here’s What Might Happen

In late 2022, Israel established new entry rules for foreigners visiting Palestinians in the West Bank. Who would be allowed in?

Graphic Unrepresented

Who represents Palestinians in Jerusalem?

Graphic Snapshot of Jerusalem’s Diverse History

A look back at Jerusalem’s rulers since ancient times and the city’s population based on more recent censuses