Interview East Jerusalem Hospitals Network: Resilient Palestinian Institutions Troubled by Economic Crisis and Silent War

Hospitals in Jerusalem are facing challenges. A conversation with Dr. Fadi al-Atrash.

Interview State Land Registration in East Jerusalem Continues to Advance Settlement Goals, Dispossess Palestinians

The city and the settlers forge ahead with land registration in Jerusalem as a means to dispossess Palestinians in areas of interest.

Interview Advocate Hosni Abu Hussein: “We Prevented the Establishment of a Jewish Settlement in Sheikh Jarrah”

We speak with one of the lawyers for three Sheikh Jarrah families whose expulsion cases were just overturned.

Interview A Jerusalem Expert Explains Israel’s Tsunami of Settlement Plans in East Jerusalem

Israel is rapidly advancing settlement plans across East Jerusalem; 2023 seems sure to be a record-breaking year.

Interview Land Registration in Jerusalem Is a “Grand Land Theft” from Palestinians—Ir Amim’s Amy Cohen

Ir Amim and Bimkom’s June 2023 report, “The Grand Land Theft,” reveals Israel’s intentions behind undertaking the settlement of land title in East Jerusalem.

Interview An Expert Unravels the Complexities of Land Ownership in East Jerusalem

Israel manipulates the complex reality of land settlement and registration in Jerusalem, and Palestinians must understand and confront it.

Interview Salah al-Din Street, the “Beating Heart” of East Jerusalem, Is Targeted for Erasure by Israel’s City Center Plan

A conversation with Adalah’s legal director, Suhad Bishara, about Israel’s plan to relegate the Salah al-Din Street commercial district to irrelevance