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The West Side Story The Nakba as Experienced by a Jerusalem Child

The trauma of losing home and familiar ways of being in the world lingered with author Nina Bazouzi Cullers for decades after her family left Qatamon for the Old City. Book review.

Land Israel to Push Ahead with Home Demolitions in Jerusalem during Ramadan

Tensions reach the boiling point in Jerusalem as Ben-Gvir announces home demolitions to continue during Ramadan.

Jerusalem: The “Second Front” is Smoldering

Under the new Israeli government’s heavy hand, events in Jerusalem are rapidly spiraling toward conflagration.

Who Are the Palestinians of Jerusalem? Newly Renovated, the Armenian Museum in Jerusalem's Old City Reopens

A newly renovated museum in Jerusalem’s Old City explores 3,000 years of Armenian art, culture, and history.

Arab League Hosts High-Level Jerusalem Support Conference in Cairo

The Arab League and the Palestinian National Authority held a special conference to affirm and rally support for Jerusalem, a city of central importance to Arabs and Muslims worldwide.

In the Latest Chapter of the Battle over Palestinian Education in Jerusalem, Authorities Search Children’s Book Bags

How parents are pushing back against the state’s efforts to intimidate Palestinian schools into altering their textbooks and curricula

Fire Performer Naromar Introduces New Art Form to Jerusalem

Omar Sharabaty introduces Jerusalem to flow art and fire performance.

Spotted in the Old City: Santa Claus

Santa Claus takes the Old City—Arab style