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Who Are the Palestinians of Jerusalem? A Visit to Bassem’s Gallery & Café: Celebrating and Preserving Palestinian Culture

Bassem’s Gallery & Café is filled with Palestinian artifacts curated by Issam Bayan and his uncle, Bassem Hallak, both of the Palestinian African community.

On “Jerusalem Day,” Israeli Marchers Chant “Death to Arabs”

At the annual Flag March through Jerusalem, Israeli violence and threats are commonplace while celebrating the city’s conquest.

“Double Panopticon”: Amnesty International Slams Israeli Facial Recognition Surveillance

Amnesty International says Israel’s use of biometric and facial recognition surveillance supports apartheid.

A Grandmother Realizes Her Dream, Becoming the First Female Bus Driver in East Jerusalem

Meet Samia Abu ‘Alqam, a Palestinian grandmother who turned her love of driving into a paid job, driving the Shu‘fat–Beit Hanina bus

What Is Jerusalem? Jerusalem, the Living, in the Book, My Jerusalem

A collection of 44 essays and poems brings to life the voices of Jerusalem’s indigenous Palestinian community and the visitors who encountered them.

Holy Fire Ceremony Marred by Police Restrictions, Brutality

For the third year in a row, Israeli authorities enforced strict restrictions on participation in the Holy Saturday celebrations, the holiest day of the year for Orthodox Christians.

Anti-Christian Attacks in Jerusalem on the Rise in Recent Months

Anti-Christian vigilantism by extremist Jews has spiked since the new Israeli government assumed power.