Separation Wall

Blog Post One Man’s Tragedy, Dissected, Exposes the Brutalities of Israel’s Rule over Palestinians

The story behind a tragic accident offers a window into a brutal settler-colonial landscape. A book review.

Photo Mournful Christmas Season in the Holy Land

A Holy Land divided, fearful, and grieving

The wall around Kufr Aqab neighborhood, East Jerusalem
Video Kufr ‘Aqab: A Neighborhood in Jerusalem

What happens when a city walls off a densely populated neighborhood and then abandons it?

Personal Story Ibrahim and His Family: “Lucky” to Be Living in a Collapsing Building to Remain in Jerusalem

Ibrahim and his family have no choice but to keep living in a collapsing building in Bir ‘Awna to afford rent and keep their Jerusalem residency permits.

Blog Post House Hunting in Kufr ‘Aqab

A newlywed couple face challenges when they try to find an apartment to buy in the Palestinian neighborhood of Kufr ‘Aqab, which lies behind the Separation Wall.

Feature Story The Walk to School

A glimpse of some of the myriad risks and hazards Palestinian schoolchildren in Jerusalem face on their daily walk to school. A Photo Story. 

Saint Mary’s Kindergarten
Video Kindergarten in the Grip of the Wall

Grace under duress: How one kindergarten managed to adapt when Israel’s Separation Wall was routed right through its playground.

Case Study al-Walaja: The Ancient Palestinian Village Ghettoized by Proliferating Settlements and the Separation Wall

One of Jerusalem’s most important villages, al-Walaja, has been suffocated by Israeli settlements and their infrastructure and converted into an open-air prison.

Feature Story The Custom-Made Single-Family Ghetto, Courtesy of the State

The Hajajla family house in al-Walaja, built before 1967 with clearly documented ownership, could not be destroyed or evacuated. So the state invested millions to ghettoize it.