Terminology in the Jerusalem context can be complex and also controversial. Words and their meanings shape narratives. Our Lexicon goes beyond standard definitions and also offers, where applicable, nuanced shades of meanings that matter to Palestinian Jerusalemites.

Vaad Leumi

Assembly established by the Yishuv in 1920 to represent the Jewish community in Palestine. Also known as the Jewish National Council (JNC), the Vaad Leumi was formed the same year as the Histadrut and the Haganah. In 1920, the JNC comprised 314 elected representatives and had many roles throughout the three decades of British rule in Palestine. It was involved in education, culture, local government, welfare, healthcare, religious service, security, and defense. It also managed relations with Palestinians, the Jewish Agency, and the Colonial British Mandate government. By May 14, 1948, it was the members of the JNC who ratified the proclamation of the establishment of the State of Israel and who formed the provisional government of the new state.