Palestinian Authority ID

Graphic Freedom of Worship Denied: Ramadan 2023 for Palestinians

Israel claims that it allows access to Muslim holy sites for those with PA IDs who wish to pray. But how true was this during Ramadan 2023? A snapshot.

Graphic Want to Visit Palestinians in the West Bank? Here’s What Might Happen

In late 2022, Israel established new entry rules for foreigners visiting Palestinians in the West Bank. Who would be allowed in?

Personal Story Struggling to Survive in the Khirbet Khamis Enclave

Life is unbearable for Palestinian residents of Khirbet Khamis, an enclaved village near Bethlehem surrounded by the wall and an oppressive checkpoint.

Video Everything Is Forbidden

What happens when the state all but decrees that life itself is not permitted? This is the situation that Palestinian residents of al-Nabi Samwil find themselves in.

Personal Story The Perils of Entrapment in al-Khalayla

Cold, arbitrary political decisions prevented Watan’s timely access to medical services and left her in a wheelchair; years later, similar calculations may have led to her death.

Short Take Total Closure Days (vs. General Closure)

A quick overview of the “total closure day” and how it operates within the larger closure regime.

Backgrounder Precarious, Not Permanent: The Status Held by Palestinian Jerusalemites (Pt. 1)

An in-depth look at the extraordinarily precarious legal status held by Palestinian Jerusalemites, and how it has become more precarious over time

Backgrounder Banned from Entry

How hundreds of thousands of Palestinians are banned from ever entering Jerusalem

Personal Story Sick While Blacklisted, and the Care You Need Is Found Only in Jerusalem

The closure of Jerusalem means severe hardships for those outside the city who seek care that is only available in it. Salma, a cancer patient, shares.