Kindergarten in the Grip of the Wall

Saint Mary’s Kindergarten

Saint Mary’s Kindergarten


Jerusalem Story

A kindergarten run by the Comboni Missionary Sisters serving the Palestinian community in the larger Jerusalem region (between Ras al-Amud and al-‘Izariyya) has had to adapt to the intrusion of Israel’s massive Separation Wall in a most obnoxious manner. How do they manage to continue their mission of serving the families of the area, even in the shadow of the wall? 

A Jerusalem Story production

Cinematographers: Afif Amireh, Mays Shkerat
Film editors: Mays Shkerat, Afif Amireh
Sound editor: Mays Shkerat
Senior Producer: Kate Rouhana
Producer: Hana Elias
Field Producer: Mays Shkerat
Story Producer: Malak Zamzam
Translation and narration: Farah al-Sharif