Blog Post The Center for Jerusalem Studies: A Research Beacon Preserving Palestinian Heritage in Jerusalem’s Old City

Located in the Old City, Al-Quds University’s Center for Jerusalem Studies trains the next generation on Jerusalem’s rich past. 


Feature Story Israel Bans Palestinian Youths Released in Israel-Hamas Swap Deal from Returning to School

Release from prison is not, it seems, the end of the punishment Israel wishes to inflict on Palestinian Jerusalemite youths.

Personal Story Issa Boullata and the Childhood Memories of Jerusalem That Never Faded

An acclaimed academic, writer, and translator recalls his Old City childhood


Personal Story On Wings of Memory: Schmidt’s Girls School—Jerusalem’s Star School

The author recalls her happy years attending Schmidt’s School, before the Nakba, her brief visit years later, and what it meant to her. 

Feature Story Islamic Schools around al-Aqsa Mosque Face Tough Choices amid Israel’s War on Gaza

With Israeli restrictions and harassment in the Old City, Islamic schools within the Haram al-Sharif compound are considering online learning to protect Palestinian students and staff.

Bio Hanan Awwad

An academic and prolific author who believed that poetry was a way to bring about change, give a voice to Palestinians, and promote peace