Saint Mary’s Kindergarten
Video Kindergarten in the Grip of the Wall

Grace under duress: How one kindergarten managed to adapt when Israel’s Separation Wall was routed right through its playground.

Personal Story A War without Chocolate

Betty Majaj, a nurse in Jerusalem, lived through the demise of the New City and its reincarnation into West Jerusalem. This is her story. 

Personal Story One Day, the Wall Went Up in al-‘Izariyya, Turning This Family’s Lives Upside Down

A generation’s labor is lost when the wall comes between a man and his business. A Photo Story.

Personal Story Life and Death in al-‘Izariyya

The Separation Wall blocks the village of al-‘Izariyya from Jerusalem, restricting its residents’ access to their city, and inevitably leading to family tragedy.

Case Study The Fragmentation of Jerusalem’s Eastern Palestinian Towns

Jerusalem’s eastern Palestinian towns, including al-‘Izariyya and Abu Dis, have been completely separated from one another and from Jerusalem by the Separation Wall.