Blog Post Emleson School: Championing Community through Education

This women-initiated community project evolved into a facility that nurtures children from nursery school through grade 8.

Bio Elizabeth Nasir

An educator and social worker who founded a school for destitute girls and was fondly recalled as the “patron of us poor people”

Blog Post Luma Tarazi: “People Are More Aware Now That Investing in Mental Health Care Increases Resilience”

Post-traumatic stress disorder is hard to diagnose among Palestinians, because the trauma is chronic.

Feature Story Israel Bans Palestinian Youths Released in Israel-Hamas Swap Deal from Returning to School

Release from prison is not, it seems, the end of the punishment Israel wishes to inflict on Palestinian Jerusalemite youths.

Personal Story On Wings of Memory: Schmidt’s Girls School—Jerusalem’s Star School

The author recalls her happy years attending Schmidt’s School, before the Nakba, her brief visit years later, and what it meant to her. 

Feature Story Islamic Schools around al-Aqsa Mosque Face Tough Choices amid Israel’s War on Gaza

With Israeli restrictions and harassment in the Old City, Islamic schools within the Haram al-Sharif compound are considering online learning to protect Palestinian students and staff.

Photo Girls Attend UNRWA School in Shu‘fat Refugee Camp

A peek into a 1980s UNRWA school for girls in Shu‘fat refugee camp

Photo Education amid the Ruins

Demolition of the sole community primary school left youngsters no choice but to study outside.

Graphic Jerusalem’s “Invisible Palestinian Children”

An extreme shortage of classrooms and schools for Palestinian children, and a severe problem of overcrowding in schools that do exist, have led to a shocking situation in the city.