Video Deir Yasin Village and Massacre

A firsthand recounting and reconstruction of a landmark trauma in Palestinian and Jerusalem history, the Deir Yasin massacre of April 9, 1948

Video Battir Station, the Jaffa and Jerusalem Railway

Battir, a verdant, terraced Palestinian agricultural village 8 kilometers southwest of Jerusalem, became a popular spot for outings after the Jerusalem-Jaffa line of the railway opened in 1892.

Video The Last Supper: Abu Dis

A powerful testament to the experience of living through the transformative and traumatic period when the wall was built in Jerusalem and its environs.

Video Everything Is Forbidden

What happens when the state all but decrees that life itself is not permitted? This is the situation that Palestinian residents of al-Nabi Samwil find themselves in.

Video Welcome to Bir Nabala

What happens when a suburb’s source of life and livelihood is choked off? The story of Bir Nabala offers a stark example.

Video Five Minutes from Home

Jerusalem International Airport, once a gateway for an open region to the world, offers a study in sharp contrasts to the area’s present closure regime.

Video Kalandia: A Checkpoint Story

A seven-year chronicle of the surreal world of Qalandiya checkpoint and all its everyday humiliations, indignities, and absurdities