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Living in East Jerusalem—Zuheir Rajabeh

Screen shot from Living in East Jerusalem—Zoheir Rajabeh

In 2011, the Israeli human rights organization B’Tselem and the Guardian gave six Palestinians and Israelis cameras to create video diaries of their lives in occupied East Jerusalem, under the shadow of the settlement enterprise. The diaries offer a glimpse into the impact of the volatile reality on their lives as part of a larger ongoing project B’Tselem had been working on.

At the time of this filming (2011), Jewish settlers had taken over two buildings on Zuheir’s street, which lies at the heart of Silwan, a densely populated Palestinian village abutting the southern wall of the Old City. Their presence gave rise to daily conflict with the Palestinian residents.

Zuheir decided to set up CCTV cameras around his home to document the violence inflicted on the neighborhood by the settlers and security forces—“A day in the life.”