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What Is Jerusalem?
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Landscape View of Jerusalem, Early 1920s

A view of Jerusalem as it appeared at the moment of transition from Ottoman to British rule, in the early 1920s


Frank Scholten, from the Frank Scholten Photographs Collection, Leiden University Libraries, the Netherlands

Frank Scholten was an avid amateur Dutch photographer and author who was born in 1881 and died in 1942. During the 1920s, in the early years of the British Mandate as Palestine was transitioning from Ottoman rule, Scholten spent three years in Palestine, traveling the region and photographing extensively, both biblical sights and scenes and, more importantly, the local populace and customs. Between April 19, 1921, and May 19, 1923, Scholten visited Jerusalem 29 times for stays that varied from a day to three months. This photo of a Jerusalem vista was taken during that period. It has been slightly edited.