Photo Landscape View of Jerusalem, Early 1920s

A rare view of Jerusalem as it appeared at the moment of transition from Ottoman to British rule, in the early 1920s

Photo Portrait of a Young Woman from Jerusalem

Portrait of a woman from Jerusalem carrying a clay pot

Photo Arab Woman from Jerusalem

Portrait of a young Arab woman from Jerusalem with decorative ornaments, 19th century

Photo Femme de Jerusalem

Portrait of a woman from Jeursalem in the 19th century

Photo Men of Silwan

A photo of the men of Silwan, photographed by iconic French photographer  Félix Bonfils, c. 1890.

Photo Grinding Corn

A scene from daily life in Jerusalem at the end of the 19th century

Photo Builders of Jerusalem

“Every story of Jerusalem is also a story of its stone.”

Photo Glorifying Conquest

An Israeli street sign in Qatamon in West Jerusalem, formerly a Palestinian neighborhood, demonstrates that the past is very much still present. 

Photo Boys Troop from the Jerusalem New City YMCA, 1938

A glimpse back in time to life and boyhood in pre-Nakba Jerusalem