Photo Jerusalemite Youth

Boy Scouts in Jerusalem during the early 1900s

Photo Soccer by the Wall

Palestinian men play a game of soccer next to the Separation Wall in Abu Dis.

Photo Street Vendor in the Old City of Jerusalem

A glimpse of Jerusalem's street life in the early 20th century

Photo The Battle for Jerusalem, 1948

A moment showing the Arab defense of Jerusalem, 1948

Photo Under Watch

Big Brother is alive and well in the Old City

Photo Elections in Jerusalem: 1934

A glimpse into one of the final chapters of municipal elections in pre-partition Jerusalem

Photo Jerusalem Municipality Staff, 1934

A glimpse back into days when all of Jerusalem’s population had electoral representation 

Photo Scanning the Hills

A critical strategic point during the 1948 War for Jerusalem

Photo Women from Silwan

Palestinian women villagers in Silwan through the lens of Felix Bonfils