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1948 Aftermath for Palestinian Jerusalem: A Snapshot

A glimpse at some of the catastrophic losses that Palestinian Jerusalemites suffered as a result of the establishment of the State of Israel, when the area that had been the New City was conquered, occupied, and seized by Israel and enfolded into its new state, declared May 14, 1948


Jerusalem Story Team

The years 1947–48, in the lead up to the 1948 War, its execution, and its aftermath as Israel took massive steps to consolidate its victories and establish a new state, had catastrophic effects on Palestinians of Jerusalem, both inside the city and in its western hinterland in the many outlying villages to its west. Effectively, the area of the city that fell to Israel and became West Jerusalem was completely emptied of Palestinians, and then given over by the fledgling state to Jews. 

While impossible to simplify everything that was lost in one simple visual, this infographic summarizes a few of the more devastating losses at a glance.