Personal Story Helga Tawil-Souri: “A Confining and Asphyxiating Experience”

What’s the experience of traversing a checkpoint really like, minute by agonizing minute? And what does it do to your soul? Helga Tawil-Souri narrates.

Video Kalandia: A Checkpoint Story

A seven-year chronicle of the surreal world of Qalandiya checkpoint and all its everyday humiliations, indignities, and absurdities

Personal Story Pregnant and in Desperate Need of a Hospital, “I Ended Up Sneaking in Like a Thief”

A young pregnant woman summons inner strength to get around a checkpoint while on the verge of giving birth.

Personal Story Denied Status Despite Repeated Attempts, a Mother of Five Lives as a Fugitive and a Prisoner in Her Own Home

When she married at 18, Ayah hoped to expand her world. She soon found that her range of motion did not extend beyond the nearest checkpoint.

Backgrounder Jerusalem: A Closed City

Closure, a “temporary” measure introduced in 1991, is the system that controls Palestinians’ movement and blocks millions from accessing Jerusalem.