Interview A Jerusalem Expert Explains Israel’s Tsunami of Settlement Plans in East Jerusalem

Israel is rapidly advancing settlement plans across East Jerusalem; 2023 seems sure to be a record-breaking year.

Graphic Fragmented and Asphyxiated

How the Separation Wall dismantles Palestinian Jerusalem

Backgrounder Al-Jidar: An Instrument of Fragmentation

Twenty years on, Israel’s Separation Wall has wholly reconfigured the geopolitical fabric of Jerusalem and its hinterland, shattering Palestinian communities, families, and lives.

Personal Story Struggling to Survive in the Khirbet Khamis Enclave

Life is unbearable for Palestinian residents of Khirbet Khamis, an enclaved village near Bethlehem surrounded by the wall and an oppressive checkpoint.

Video Everything Is Forbidden

What happens when the state all but decrees that life itself is not permitted? This is the situation that Palestinian residents of al-Nabi Samwil find themselves in.