East Jerusalem

Blog Post Children at High Risk: “After Gaza, the Most Dangerous Place for Palestinians Right Now Is East Jerusalem”

The October 7 war has led to increased violations of Palestinian children’s rights in Jerusalem and across the oPT, and defending them has become more challenging.

Short Take Amin al-Husseini’s Dream Home, Karm al-Mufti: An Elegant Residence during the Mandate Bulldozed by Israel

The mufti’s luxurious home in Sheikh Jarrah is a microcosm of the city’s rich and vibrant Palestinian past—and of its erasure by Israeli authorities.

Feature Story Armenian Community Steps Up Resistance to Land Deal as Xana Gardens Intensifies Violent Takeover Efforts

Armenians in Jerusalem organize a peaceful, round-the-clock sit-in to guard their community’s property.

Blog Post The East Jerusalem Tourism Industry, a Casualty of Israel’s War on Gaza

Israel’s war on Gaza whips East Jerusalem’s tourism industry just as it recovers from the pandemic.

Blog Post Jerusalem Home Demolitions Increase amidst Repression

The year 2023 was already bad for home demolitions, but since October 7, the number of Palestinians displaced has risen quickly.

Blog Post Update on Human Rights in East Jerusalem: “We’re in a Very Dangerous Situation”

A Palestinian human rights activist in Jerusalem describes the dangerous spike in Israeli violations of Palestinian rights there since Israel declared war on Gaza on October 7.

Blog Post Shops on Salah-al Din Street, a Main Commercial Hub of Palestinian East Jerusalem, Are Reeling from Loss of Business since October 7

As business dwindles and the municipality levies gratuitous fines for “violations,” shop owners on Salah al-Din Street pay a price for the war on Gaza.

Blog Post Palestinians in Jerusalem Face Intensified Violence and Rights Violations as Israel Bombs Gaza

Palestinian Jerusalemites are being targeted by Israeli authorities and settlers as Israel continues to flatten Gaza.