Photo Album

Photo Album 1948 and Beyond: The Ongoing Palestinian Displacement

A pictorial journey of Palestinian displacement over generations

Photo Album Released Palestinian Prisoners Return Home to Jerusalem

Palestinian women and child prisoners are finally reunited with their families in Jerusalem.

Photo Album Khalil Raad’s Lens: Scenes from Pre-Nakba Palestine

Khalil Raad’s photographs captured Palestinian tradition, resilience, and history before and after the Nakba.

Photo Album The Armenians of Jerusalem

Armenians have centuries of history in Jerusalem and have made important contributions to the city’s societal and cultural fabric.

Photo Album “Jerusalem Is Ahead of Me”: The Art of Kamal Boullata

A Jerusalem artist and art historian in exile whose work explored the beauty and pain of the Jerusalem he remembered

Photo Album Jumana El Husseini’s Art Expresses Her Yearning for a Lost Homeland

Through her art, Jumana El Husseini searched for the Palestine and the much-beloved Jerusalem that were denied to her during her adult life.

Photo Album The Meo Family Shop by Jaffa Gate: A Mirror of Family, Community, and City History

A photo album of the Meo family business, a Jerusalemite Old City landmark for 124 years

Photo Album “Present Absentees” Look Back: A Jerusalemite Family’s Journey from West to East, 1930–2021

A photo album depicting the story of the Sabella family, part of the Jerusalem elite, before and after the 1948 War