East Jerusalem

Short Take Dutch Investor Demands Human Rights Safeguards in East Jerusalem Surveillance Operations

Manufacturer of surveillance tech deployed in East Jerusalem faces the risk of disinvestment over draconian surveillance of Palestinians.

Blog Post The Unusual Origins of an Iconic East Jerusalem Hotel

A Palestinian “Pasha’s Palace” became a haven for traumatized evangelical Christians who served the community for decades and founded a storied hotel.

Roundtable Remembering the 1967 Naksa

What was it like to live through Israel’s occupation of East Jerusalem in June 1967, and how did it transform the city and community?

Blog Post Palestinian Advocate Zakaria Odeh: “Injustice, Colonization, and Occupation Can’t Last Forever”

Zakaria Odeh has spent most of his professional life advocating for Palestinian rights in East Jerusalem and beyond.

Photo Soccer by the Wall

Palestinian men play a game of soccer next to the Separation Wall in Abu Dis.

Interactive Map Jerusalem Divided by the Green Line (1949)

An interactive map of Jerusalem as divided by the Green Line of 1949

Short Take Jerusalem’s Municipal Elections Produce a Council Dominated by Religious Jews; the City’s Palestinians Stay Home

While not surprising, the results point to a darker future in the city and reflect nationwide trends.

Blog Post Palestinian Cultural Organizations in East Jerusalem Face Hardships and Uncertain Future

A hoped-for post-pandemic revival slammed into a wall on October 7, 2024

Feature Story Under Cover of War, Israel Charges Ahead with Severing East Jerusalem from the West Bank through Settlements

Israel’s most recent settlement proposal in East Jerusalem would further cut off the city from the remainder of the West Bank.