Roundtable Thirty Years On, Palestinian Jerusalemites Reflect on the Impact of the Oslo Accords on Their City and Community

The Oslo Accords were supposed to launch an interim five-year stage until final negotiations. Thirty years later they are still technically in effect. What has happened to Palestinian East Jerusalem?

Video “We Are Here”—A Jerusalemite Family Story

A Palestinian whose family was forced to relocate from West to East Jerusalem in 1948 returns to one of the family homes in West Jerusalem that Israel confiscated and shares his family’s story and memories.

Video Salal: A Message from Jerusalem, about Jerusalem

A stunning live performance work created by Douban Professional Dance that shows how Jerusalem has benefited from its diversity, and how diversity shapes Jerusalemites’ identity still.

Blog Post Lockdown Does Not Stop Banat al-Quds (Daughters of Jerusalem) from Making Their Voices Heard

Young Palestinian Jerusalemite women find their voices in the Banat al-Quds (Daughters of Jerusalem) choir and ensemble.

Photo Album “Present Absentees” Look Back: A Jerusalemite Family’s Journey from West to East, 1930–2021

A photo album depicting the story of the Sabella family, part of the Jerusalem elite, before and after the 1948 War

Blog Post Welcome

Welcome to the Jerusalem Notebook blog.

Case Study Charged with “Security” Offenses for Reporting on a Demonstration, a Photographer Fights to Remain in Jerusalem

A photojournalist is left stateless and in limbo as Israel repeatedly rejects his applications for status and tries unsuccessfully to deport him.

Case Study Deported for Not “Showing Loyalty”: The Case of Four Jerusalem Officials Whose Residency Was Revoked after a 12-Year Legal Battle

When legally participating in your nation’s elections results in deportation from the city of your birth

Feature Story Voices of Jerusalem

What does Jerusalem mean to Palestinians who identify as Jerusalemites? We posed this question to more than a dozen Jerusalemites worldwide.