Amina Abdulhaq

Researcher/Writer, Jerusalem Story

Amina Abdulhaq is a human rights lawyer and a researcher. Her family has deep historic roots in Jerusalem. Her work focuses on Jerusalem, women, and gender. Amina is fully devoted to raising all oppressed people’s voices, inclusively embracing diversities and uniquenesses.

Content by this author

Personal Story Ibrahim and His Family: “Lucky” to Be Living in a Collapsing Building to Remain in Jerusalem

Ibrahim and his family have no choice but to keep living in a collapsing building in Bir ‘Awna to afford rent and keep their Jerusalem residency permits.

Case Study Israel’s City Center Plan Threatens Palestinian Educational Institutions in Jerusalem

Israel’s City Center Plan in the heart of Palestinian East Jerusalem puts several Palestinian schools at risk, jeopardizing education itself and further erasing the Palestinian identity of the city.

Personal Story Living with the Ever-Present Threat of Expulsion

After 30 years of loving care, Samira’s home and garden convey serenity, but she stands to lose it all if Israel expels her from her home.

Personal Story When Your Right to Your Home and Safety Is Continuously Threatened

Amal describes the unimaginable stress under which they and their family live in Sheikh Jarrah.

Personal Story Haunted by Waiting for Expulsion in Sheikh Jarrah

The al-Qasem family home in Sheikh Jarrah, home to three generations, is a target for Jewish settlers.

Personal Story In Limbo on the Waiting List: The Life of a “Stay Permit” Spouse

The infinite indignities and humiliations of daily life for Palestinian spouses living in Jerusalem on Israeli military stay permits

Personal Story Zaid Abu Dalu: “Closure Has Many Faces”

A young man shares his lifetime of experience of dealing with Israel’s closure of Jerusalem and how it has impacted his entire life.

Case Study Israel’s “Revenge Campaign” against the al-Qunbar Family Marks Significant Expansion of Punitive Residency Revocation Policy

In response to a 2017 attack, Israel expands the scope of punitive actions against surviving family members, including residency revocations.

Personal Story For Karam, a Blue ID Is All He Needs—Israeli Citizenship “Is a Behavior-Controlling Tool” That He Eschews

For one young man, the permanent residency that eluded him in his youth is more than enough.