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Alice Austin is a music and cultural journalist from London. She covers the intersection of politics and music with a focus on Israel-Palestine, and regularly writes for Mixmag, Beatportal, Resident Advisor, Red Bulletin, and more.

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Blog Post The East Jerusalem YMCA: Serving the Palestinian Community since 1948

Since 1948, the East Jerusalem YMCA has offered activities aimed at youth to help them cope with the chronic stress of living under occupation.

Blog Post Palestinian Advocate Zakaria Odeh: “Injustice, Colonization, and Occupation Can’t Last Forever”

Zakaria Odeh has spent most of his professional life advocating for Palestinian rights in East Jerusalem and beyond.

Blog Post Emleson School: Championing Community through Education

This women-initiated community project evolved into a facility that nurtures children from nursery school through grade 8.

Blog Post Luma Tarazi: “People Are More Aware Now That Investing in Mental Health Care Increases Resilience”

Post-traumatic stress disorder is hard to diagnose among Palestinians, because the trauma is chronic.

Blog Post The Young Women’s Christian Association of Palestine—A Haven for Life

A welcoming space for women of all ages in Sheikh Jarrah, cherished for more than a century.

Blog Post The Arab Counseling Center for Education: Supporting Jerusalem’s Palestinian Community through Challenging Times

A local organization meets a critical need by healing the hearts and souls of a traumatized community.

Blog Post Children at High Risk: “After Gaza, the Most Dangerous Place for Palestinians Right Now Is East Jerusalem”

The October 7 war has led to increased violations of Palestinian children’s rights in Jerusalem and across the oPT, and defending them has become more challenging.