Jerusalem Story Authors


Muath al-Khatib is a photographer from Jerusalem.


Daoud Kuttab is an award-winning Palestinian journalist, media activist. He is a former Ferris Professor of Journalism at Princeton University and is...

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Researcher/Writer, Jerusalem Story

Amir Marshi is a student, cultural organizer, and researcher and writer for Jerusalem Story. He cofounded the Edward Said Forum for Palestinian...

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Shahrazad Odeh is a human rights lawyer and researcher of law and gender. She holds an LL.M, and is a PhD student in the Hebrew University of...

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Founding Director, Jerusalem Story

Kate Rouhana is a writer, editor, researcher, and instructional designer. She has lived and worked as a journalist and researcher in Jerusalem and...

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Bernard Sabella is a retired professor of Sociology and author. In 2006, he was elected to represent Jerusalem on the Palestinian Legislative Council...

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Writer/Editor, Jerusalem Story

Charmaine Seitz is a writer, editor, and designer. She is a former editor of the Jerusalem Quarterly File published by the Institute for Palestine...

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Social and Digital Media Editor, Jerusalem Story

Farah al-Sharif is a journalist who previously worked with al-Jazeera English and Doha News.

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Photographer, Jerusalem Story

Mays Shkerat is a Jerusalem-based photographer and filmmaker for Jerusalem Story. 

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