Settler Violence

Screen shot from Living in East Jerusalem—Zoheir Rajabeh
Video Living in East Jerusalem—Zuheir Rajabeh

When settlers expel Palestinians from their Jerusalem homes and move in to Palestinian neighborhoods, what ensues? One resident installed CCTV cameras to capture the dystopia.

Blog Post Palestinians in Jerusalem Face Intensified Violence and Rights Violations as Israel Bombs Gaza

Palestinian Jerusalemites are being targeted by Israeli authorities and settlers as Israel continues to flatten Gaza.

Feature Story Landowners in Silwan Face Violent Attempts to Block Them from Harvesting Their Own Olives

It's olive harvest time—but for Palestinian landowners in the Wadi Rababa neighborhood of Silwan, this year's harvest was a violent one. 

Video Americans Are Complicit in Settler Aggressions That Dispossess Palestinians in Jerusalem

Americans are heavily involved in settler aggressions against Palestinians in Jerusalem that result in their dispossession.