Blog Post How Settlers Warp History in Silwan

How the City of David Foundation distorts the narrative of archaeological sites in Silwan

Journal Article Silwan, the Bleeding Wound

A survey of the myriad array of mechanisms of displacement aimed at Silwan and its residents

Feature Story Israeli Courts Order More than 50 Palestinians Expelled from Homes in Silwan and Sheikh Jarrah

Israeli Supreme Court orders expulsion of Palestinians from their homes in Jerusalem’s Sheikh Jarrah and Silwan.

Feature Story One Lot at a Time, Israeli Settlers Expand Their Presence in Palestinian Silwan

The crisis in Gaza is providing cover for the expansion of Israeli settlements in Silwan.

Blog Post Prominent Palestinian Activist’s Home Bulldozed as Demolitions Spike in Jerusalem

He campaigned against home demolitions. Then they came for his.

Feature Story Israeli Government Pumping Millions into Rebranding the Holy Basin, Erasing Palestinian Heritage

Israel is spending millions on a Judeo-centric “Jerusalem Heritage” program for the Holy Basin.

Feature Story Controversial Cable Car Project Sparks Outcry as City Orders Land Expropriation from Silwan Residents

The city notifies Silwan residents of its planned confiscation of private lands as cable car project gets underway.

Photo Women from Silwan

Palestinian women villagers in Silwan through the lens of Felix Bonfils

Screen shot from Living in East Jerusalem—Zoheir Rajabeh
Video Living in East Jerusalem—Zuheir Rajabeh

When settlers expel Palestinians from their Jerusalem homes and move in to Palestinian neighborhoods, what ensues? One resident installed CCTV cameras to capture the dystopia.