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Street Vendor in the Old City of Jerusalem

Palestinian street vendor selling pita bread in the Old City of Jerusalem, ca. 1920s


Frank Scholten, from the Frank Scholten Photographs Collection, Leiden University Libraries, the Netherlands

Photographed by Frank Scholten, this image depicts a street vendor selling freshly baked pita bread in Jerusalem’s Old City in the early 1920s. A street market and one of the city’s gates are visible in the background.

Frank Scholten (1881–1942) was a Dutch photographer and author who traveled to Palestine from 1921 to 1923 to produce an “illustrated Bible.” In addition to biblical-themed photographs, he captured the country and its people. His work was published in a series titled “Palestine Illustrated.” During his time in Palestine, Scholten visited Jerusalem 29 times, with visits ranging from a day to three months. He categorized his photos of Jerusalem into Muslim, Jewish, and Christian sections. The original file of this photograph was titled “Jérusalem Musulman II.”1



Jérusalem Musulman II,” Leiden University Libraries, accessed May 3, 2024.

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