Blog Post How Settlers Warp History in Silwan

How the City of David Foundation distorts the narrative of archaeological sites in Silwan

Photo The Battle for Jerusalem, 1948

A moment showing the Arab defense of Jerusalem, 1948

Backgrounder What and Where Is Jerusalem’s Holy Basin, and Why Is It So Significant?

Jerusalem’s Holy Basin is a microcosm of Israel’s settler-colonial agenda in the city and the country.

Blog Post The Center for Jerusalem Studies: A Research Beacon Preserving Palestinian Heritage in Jerusalem’s Old City

Located in the Old City, Al-Quds University’s Center for Jerusalem Studies trains the next generation on Jerusalem’s rich past. 


Bio Abd al-Hamid al-Sayih

A religious and legal scholar and nationalist who was the first Palestinian Israel exiled from Jerusalem in 1967

Photo Scanning the Hills

A critical strategic point during the 1948 War for Jerusalem

Short Take Amin al-Husseini’s Dream Home, Karm al-Mufti: An Elegant Residence during the Mandate Bulldozed by Israel

The mufti’s luxurious home in Sheikh Jarrah is a microcosm of the city’s rich and vibrant Palestinian past—and of its erasure by Israeli authorities.

Photo Bab al-Amud as a Community Space, 1920s

A look back in time at Palestinian workers and the Damascus Gate

Blog Post Khazaaen, the Jerusalem Archive for Palestinian Social History

Khazaaen was set up with the goal of preserving the stories of Jerusalemites, but it quickly became a bigger and more far-reaching project.