Holy Places

Graphic Freedom of Worship Denied: Ramadan 2023 for Palestinians

Israel claims that it allows access to Muslim holy sites for those with PA IDs who wish to pray. But how true was this during Ramadan 2023? A snapshot.

Backgrounder What Is the “Status Quo”?

The Status Quo agreement on Jerusalem’s holy sites, enacted in the Ottoman era, seeks to prevent conflict between religious groups. Increasingly, it is being violated.

Blog Post Arab League Hosts High-Level Jerusalem Support Conference in Cairo

The Arab League and the Palestinian National Authority held a special conference to affirm and rally support for Jerusalem, a city of central importance to Arabs and Muslims worldwide.

Blog Post PASSIA Conference Highlights the Importance of Heritage Protection in Jerusalem

PASSIA holds a conference on heritage preservation in Jerusalem, highlighting challenges as well as developments and actions in the field.

Short Take Only in Jerusalem

If Jerusalem is closed to you, what else cannot be accessed?