Holy Places

Feature Story The Nusseibeh Family: Khazraj Roots That Grew and Blossomed in Jerusalem

A conversation with the Nusseibehs about their family’s centuries of history in and contributions to Jerusalem

Backgrounder What and Where Is Jerusalem’s Holy Basin, and Why Is It So Significant?

Jerusalem’s Holy Basin is a microcosm of Israel’s settler-colonial agenda in the city and the country.

Blog Post Christians Celebrate a Sepulchral Easter in Jerusalem, with Lower Turnout than Usual

Muted and downsized, Easter services offer solace to worshippers able to reach them despite Israeli checkpoints and police.

Feature Story Islamic Authorities and Community Prepare Warily for Ramadan

As Ramadan approaches, the Waqf Council announces its plans, and Israel sets up new surveillance cameras in holy spaces.

Graphic Freedom of Worship Denied: Ramadan 2023 for Palestinians

Israel claims that it allows access to Muslim holy sites for those with PA IDs who wish to pray. But how true was this during Ramadan 2023? A snapshot.

Backgrounder What Is the “Status Quo”?

The Status Quo agreement on Jerusalem’s holy sites, enacted in the Ottoman era, seeks to prevent conflict between religious groups. Increasingly, it is being violated.