Palestinians of Jerusalem

Blog Post On the 23rd Anniversary of Faisal Husseini’s Death, Few Remember Him

A vigil for the Lion of Jerusalem draws police wrath.

Michel Hamarneh, born in Jerusalem in 1935, a character in the film My Jerusalem: Testimonial to life in Jerusalem before 1948 by Lubna Dajani
Video My Jerusalem: Testimonial to Life in Jerusalem before 1948

Jerusalemites born in the 1920s and 1930s recount their memories of growing up in Jerusalem and what they lost when they were forced to leave in 1948.

Video Asia’s Story: A Life Delayed on the Qalandiya Commute

What’s it like to live behind a military checkpoint  in your own city?

Feature Story After Months of War, Jerusalem’s Municipal Elections Leave Palestinian Residents Indifferent

When Jerusalem goes to the polls this week, Palestinians will likely stay home.

Graphic Palestinian National Elections 1996–Present

A visual summary of the Palestinian national elections held since 1996

Blog Post Longing for Prewar Jerusalem

Will Jerusalem ever be the same as it was?

Photo Women from Silwan

Palestinian women villagers in Silwan through the lens of Felix Bonfils