Family Unification

Interview Visiting Palestinians in the West Bank? The Rules Remain Unclear, and You Could Be Denied Entry

Months after Israel changed visa procedures for foreigners entering the West Bank to visit Palestinians, the process remains murky.

Personal Story In Limbo on the Waiting List: The Life of a “Stay Permit” Spouse

The infinite indignities and humiliations of daily life for Palestinian spouses living in Jerusalem on Israeli military stay permits

Feature Story Israel Imposes Draconian Visa Requirements for Foreigners Wishing to Live with or Visit Palestinians in the West Bank

Restrictive visa requirements for any foreigner visiting Palestinians who hold PA IDs and live in the West Bank take effect.

Personal Story “How Can I Belong?”

Zayna finally sought Israeli citizenship so that she could live in her city without constant threat of deportation. But she still does not feel safe.

Personal Story For Suzanna and Khalid, Their Wedding Planning Was Driven by Residency Considerations

Even for someone with a European passport and an Israeli lawyer, marrying a Palestinian Jerusalemite meant an arbitrary and protracted bureaucratic struggle for residency.

Personal Story Newlywed Dunya’s Dream of Returning to Live in Her Parents’ Ancestral City Collides with Bureaucratic Reality

Dunya’s dream of embarking on a new life with her Jerusalemite husband becomes ensnared in Israeli bureaucracy and endless waiting for legal status.

Personal Story Denied Status Despite Repeated Attempts, a Mother of Five Lives as a Fugitive and a Prisoner in Her Own Home

When she married at 18, Ayah hoped to expand her world. She soon found that her range of motion did not extend beyond the nearest checkpoint.