Palestinian Women

Bio Serene Husseini Shahid

A Palestinian woman who preserved the living memory of the Jerusalem she grew up in through her embroidery and her acclaimed autobiography, Jerusalem Memories

Bio Georgette Rizek

An activist who lived through the Nakba and founded and directed the Infant Welfare Center, the first medical center in the Old City of Jerusalem

Blog Post A Love Story from East Jerusalem: Majd and Fatima

An East Jerusalem love story that survived more than 20 years of involuntary separation

Blog Post Lockdown Does Not Stop Banat al-Quds (Daughters of Jerusalem) from Making Their Voices Heard

Young Palestinian Jerusalemite women find their voices in the Banat al-Quds (Daughters of Jerusalem) choir and ensemble.

Bio Zulaykha al-Shihabi

A fierce feminist Jerusalemite who devoted her life to advocating for women and supporting the national cause

Personal Story Pregnant and in Desperate Need of a Hospital, “I Ended Up Sneaking in Like a Thief”

A young pregnant woman summons inner strength to get around a checkpoint while on the verge of giving birth.