Palestinian Women

Bio Nahil Bishara

One of the few female artists who depicted Jerusalem in the mid-20th century

Photo Portrait of a Young Woman from Jerusalem

Portrait of a woman from Jerusalem carrying a clay pot

Photo Arab Woman from Jerusalem

Portrait of a young Arab woman from Jerusalem with decorative ornaments, 19th century

Bio Zahira Kamal

Educator, warrior for women’s rights, founder of women’s organizations, and trailblazing political leader and activist

Photo Femme de Jerusalem

Portrait of a woman from Jeursalem in the 19th century

Blog Post A Grandmother Realizes Her Dream, Becoming the First Female Bus Driver in East Jerusalem

Meet Samia Abu ‘Alqam, a Palestinian grandmother who turned her love of driving into a paid job, driving the Shu‘fat–Beit Hanina bus

Photo Essay Women of Jerusalem: Celebrating International Women’s Day

The Palestinian Jerusalemite women you need to know about this International Women’s Day

Bio Serene Husseini Shahid

A Palestinian woman who preserved the living memory of the Jerusalem she grew up in through her embroidery and her acclaimed autobiography, Jerusalem Memories

Bio Georgette Rizek

An activist who lived through the Nakba and founded and directed the Infant Welfare Center, the first medical center in the Old City of Jerusalem