2023-24 Gaza War

Feature Story On Palestinian Prisoners’ Day, Hundreds of Jerusalemite Families Are Anxious about the Fate of Their Captive Children

Thousands of Palestinian prisoners, including children, face excruciating conditions in Israeli prisons.

Blog Post No Public Celebrations or Decorations in Jerusalem This Ramadan

As Gaza starves, Jerusalemites can’t imagine a festive Ramadan as usual.

Blog Post Life, Interrupted: One Palestinian Family’s Struggles in Wartime Jerusalem

How challenges are accumulating to a boiling point, leading a Jerusalemite family to question its future


Roundtable Palestinian Christians in Jerusalem Face Somber Christmas Season in Gaza’s Long, Dark Shadow

What is the outlook for Christians in the Holy Land at Christmastime 2023? Five leading Palestinian Christians gather to assess their current realities.

Blog Post Christian Palestinian Jerusalemites, Agonized, Watch as Horrors Befall Family Members in Gaza

Every Palestinian Jerusalemite knows of someone who was killed, wounded, or displaced during Israel’s ongoing genocidal assault on Gaza.

Blog Post For Palestinian Jerusalemites Living beyond the Wall, Driving Anywhere Is an Obstacle Course These Days

For Palestinian Jerusalemites who live outside the Separation Wall and want to go to downtown Jerusalem or Bethlehem, a labyrinthine maze awaits.