Photo Jerusalem Municipality Staff, 1934

A glimpse back into days when all of Jerusalem’s population had electoral representation 

Photo Scanning the Hills

A critical strategic point during the 1948 War for Jerusalem

Photo Women from Silwan

Palestinian women villagers in Silwan through the lens of Felix Bonfils

Photo A Watermelon Market at Jaffa Gate

A peek at the Jerusalem markets of the past

Photo Three Jerusalemite Boys Posing on a Road with Their Arms Linked

A glimpse of boyhood in British Mandate Palestine

Photo Mournful Christmas Season in the Holy Land

A Holy Land divided, fearful, and grieving

Photo Bab al-Amud as a Community Space, 1920s

A look back in time at Palestinian workers and the Damascus Gate

Photo Girls Attend UNRWA School in Shu‘fat Refugee Camp

A peek into a 1980s UNRWA school for girls in Shu‘fat refugee camp

Photo Education amid the Ruins

Demolition of the sole community primary school left youngsters no choice but to study outside.