Graphic Advertisement for Palestine Railways

A glimpse of the world that used to be

Graphic When You Are Required to Update an ID

How a routine bureaucratic requirement becomes a tool for subjugation and population control

Graphic Transactions Requiring an ID for Palestinian Jerusalemites

To what extent are the basics of daily life dependent on holding an ID for a Palestinian Jerusalemite?

Graphic Situations That Can Trigger a Status Review

What are the everyday interactions that pose risk to a Palestinian permanent resident of Jerusalem?

Graphic Banned from Entry: How Israel Blacklists Half a Million PA ID Holders, Blocking Them from Entering Jerusalem

The black hole of blacklisting: How Palestinians with PA IDs get wholly banned from Jerusalem with one click on the keyboard

Graphic The Unreachable City

How many millions of Palestinians in historic Palestine and beyond are unable to enter Jerusalem without Israeli permission?

Graphic How Easy Is It to Access Jerusalem? It’s All about the ID

A daunting, labyrinthine maze of regulations and blockage points stands between holders of certain types of IDs and Jerusalem.