Graphic Palestinians in the Jerusalem Municipality

A quick visual overview of the demographic breakdown of Palestinians whom Israel counts as being resident inside the municipal boundaries of Jerusalem, based on Israeli data

Graphic Ever More Precarious

The evolution of the legal status of Palestinians of Jerusalem, from the 19th century to today, with milestones of increasing precarity along the way

Graphic Fragmented and Asphyxiated

How the Separation Wall dismantles Palestinian Jerusalem

Graphic Hand-drawn Map of Qatamon

Who lived in the New City Palestinian neighborhood of Qatamon, which ceased to exist as such after 1948?

Graphic Palestinian Nationality and Citizenship Timeline

Milestone events in the evolution of Palestinian national and citizenship rights

Graphic When Palestinian Jerusalemites Must Prove That Jerusalem Is Their “Center of Life”

Palestinians who hold permanent-resident status must satisfy the state that Jerusalem is their “center of life” in order to continue enjoying that status. But how frequently?

Graphic Life without a Legal Status in Jerusalem

What does it mean to have “no status” (i.e., to be stateless) after the state revokes one’s residency?

Graphic When You Are Required to Update an ID

How a routine bureaucratic requirement becomes a tool for subjugation and population control

Graphic Advertisement for Palestine Railways

A glimpse of the world that used to be