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Feature Story Supreme Court Overturns Expulsion Orders for Three Sheikh Jarrah Families in Kerem al-Juni

Three more Sheikh Jarrah families get a reprieve and a modicum of hope. 

Feature Story In Historic First, Police Arrest Palestinian Professor on Suspicion of Incitement Based on Academic Work, Podcast

Nadera Shalhoub-Kevorkian, a world-renowned Palestinian feminist scholar, is arrested from bed and hauled to prison for interrogation.

Backgrounder What and Where Is Jerusalem’s Holy Basin, and Why Is It So Significant?

Jerusalem’s Holy Basin is a microcosm of Israel’s settler-colonial agenda in the city and the country.

Feature Story Israeli Police Return to Cows’ Garden, Inflict Damage on Behalf of Xana Gardens

The Armenian community’s concerns escalate over repeated police interference on the ground without legal authorization.

Blog Post Jerusalem Pulse: Recent Research Roundup

Your portal into recent research and publications related to Palestinians of Jerusalem

Blog Post For Jerusalemites, Family Celebrations Are Often Marred or Canceled by Israeli Military Checkpoints

Family events and celebrations are rarely stress free, thanks to ever-lurking checkpoints and soldiers’ whims.

Short Take Jerusalem’s Municipal Elections Produce a Council Dominated by Religious Jews; the City’s Palestinians Stay Home

While not surprising, the results point to a darker future in the city and reflect nationwide trends.