Blog Post Emleson School: Championing Community through Education

This women-initiated community project evolved into a facility that nurtures children from nursery school through grade 8.

Bio Elizabeth Nasir

An educator and social worker who founded a school for destitute girls and was fondly recalled as the “patron of us poor people”

Blog Post The Young Women’s Christian Association of Palestine—A Haven for Life

A welcoming space for women of all ages in Sheikh Jarrah, cherished for more than a century.

Blog Post One Man’s Tragedy, Dissected, Exposes the Brutalities of Israel’s Rule over Palestinians

The story behind a tragic accident offers a window into a brutal settler-colonial landscape. A book review.

Blog Post The Arab Counseling Center for Education: Supporting Jerusalem’s Palestinian Community through Challenging Times

A local organization meets a critical need by healing the hearts and souls of a traumatized community.

A screenshot of Ali Qanibi looking out of a window in the video “No Prison Like Home: House Arrest in Occupied Jerusalem.”
Video No Prison Like Home: House Arrest in Occupied Jerusalem

Israeli house arrest policies turn homes into prisons for Palestinian children and parents into prison wardens.