Old City

Roundtable Remembering the 1967 Naksa

What was it like to live through Israel’s occupation of East Jerusalem in June 1967, and how did it transform the city and community?

Blog Post “We Do Not Describe Jerusalem—We Interpret It”: Raed Saadeh and His Model of Jerusalem

Jerusalem is a mosaic of faiths, cultures, and communities, so much larger than the labels given to it.

Blog Post Burj al-Luqluq Social Center Society: A Hidden Gem within the Old City

Within the Old City walls, Burj al-Luqluq provides an open space for sports, culture —and resistance.

Feature Story East Jerusalem Schools Deal with One Crisis after Another—Most Are Related to Funding

East Jerusalem schools are adamant that their curriculum must help Jerusalem children understand their lived realities.

Feature Story Why Is the Palestinian Population of Jerusalem’s Old City Shrinking?

Palestinians are gradually leaving the Old City in response to Israel’s multilayered pressures.

Blog Post How Settlers Warp History in Silwan

How the City of David Foundation distorts the narrative of archaeological sites in Silwan

Feature Story Israel Attempts to Seize Palestinian-Owned Parking Lot to Build Promenade

The city sets its sights on a Palestinian-owned space, once a sheep market, that serves Old City residents and worshippers.

Backgrounder What and Where Is Jerusalem’s Holy Basin, and Why Is It So Significant?

Jerusalem’s Holy Basin is a microcosm of Israel’s settler-colonial agenda in the city and the country.

Feature Story Israeli Police Return to Cows’ Garden, Inflict Damage on Behalf of Xana Gardens

The Armenian community’s concerns escalate over repeated police interference on the ground without legal authorization.