Photo Women from Silwan

Palestinian women villagers in Silwan through the lens of Felix Bonfils

Photo Three Jerusalemite Boys Posing on a Road with Their Arms Linked

A glimpse of boyhood in British Mandate Palestine

Photo Album Khalil Raad’s Lens: Scenes from Pre-Nakba Palestine

Khalil Raad’s photographs captured Palestinian tradition, resilience, and history before and after the Nakba.

Photo Portrait of a Young Woman from Jerusalem

Portrait of a woman from Jerusalem carrying a clay pot

Photo Arab Woman from Jerusalem

Portrait of a young Arab woman from Jerusalem with decorative ornaments, 19th century

Photo Femme de Jerusalem

Portrait of a woman from Jeursalem in the 19th century

Bio Khalil Raad

A prolific photographer whose body of work documented daily life in Jerusalem over six decades

Photo Men from Silwan

A photo of the men of Silwan, photographed by iconic French photographer  Félix Bonfils, c. 1890.