al-Aqsa Mosque

Blog Post Palestinians in Jerusalem Face Intensified Violence and Rights Violations as Israel Bombs Gaza

Palestinian Jerusalemites are being targeted by Israeli authorities and settlers as Israel continues to flatten Gaza.

Blog Post Palestinian Jerusalemites Caught between the Hammer and the Anvil

Closures, violence, and economic hardships are among the stresses facing Palestinians in Jerusalem during the war.

Blog Post Jerusalem: A Ghost City on Edge

In the wake of the Hamas invasion of Israel on October 7, Jerusalem’s Palestinians are laying low, tensely anticipating what’s coming next.

Blog Post Perspective: South African Author Zukiswa Wanner Shares Reflections on Her Visit to Jerusalem with Palfest

South African author Zukiswa Wanner visits East Jerusalem with Palfest and shares her reflections.

Bio Ibrahim Dakkak

A talented and dedicated engineer who devoted his life to institution building, Jerusalem, and the Palestinian national cause

Blog Post A Brief Tour of a Hidden Gem: al-Aqsa Mosque Library

A video glimpse into the world and possibilities of the al-Aqsa Mosque Library in the Old City of Jerusalem

Bio Hanna Safieh

Among the first Jerusalemites to use a camera professionally to document key historical events as well as everyday life in pre-1948 Palestine and beyond