al-Aqsa Mosque

Blog Post Why Are the Trees Surrounding al-Aqsa Mosque Dying?

Trees in the Haram al-Sharif compound are dying. What’s killing them?

Blog Post The Splendor of Eid al-Fitr in Jerusalem, Despite the Sadness

A deep sadness cloaked the city, but the Eid al-Fitr rites were observed, including visiting the dead and saying prayers for their souls.

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This year, Ramadan prayer is being seen through a different lens.

Blog Post “I Cried When I Entered al-Aqsa”: A Bethlehem-Area Farmer Enters Jerusalem for the First Time in over a Year

The second Friday of Ramadan passes peacefully; worshippers rejoice at finally being allowed to enter their holy site.

Blog Post As It Has for Centuries, Takiyya Khaski Sultan Ensures No Family Goes Hungry during Ramadan

A public soup kitchen in the Old City helps any and all who arrive at its doors.

Blog Post The Center for Jerusalem Studies: A Research Beacon Preserving Palestinian Heritage in Jerusalem’s Old City

Located in the Old City, Al-Quds University’s Center for Jerusalem Studies trains the next generation on Jerusalem’s rich past. 


Blog Post A Ramadan Dawn Prayer: “May God Protect Us from What This Day Has in Store for Us”

New metal gates trigger bad memories of electronic gates in 2017.