Feature Story In Historic First, Police Arrest Palestinian Professor on Suspicion of Incitement Based on Academic Work, Podcast

Nadera Shalhoub-Kevorkian, a world-renowned Palestinian feminist scholar, is arrested from bed and hauled to prison for interrogation.

Bio Zahira Kamal

Educator, warrior for women’s rights, founder of women’s organizations, and trailblazing political leader and activist

Bio Maha Abu Dayyeh

A feminist activist and leader who worked to protect and promote the legal, social, and political rights of women locally and worldwide

Bio Zulaykha al-Shihabi

A fierce feminist Jerusalemite who devoted her life to advocating for women and supporting the national cause

Bio Zahiya Nashashibi

A Jerusalemite who helped to found one of the oldest women’s movements in Palestine in 1929, and remained in a leadership role in it until her death