Jerusalem Notebook

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Layali al-Tarab fi Quds al-‘Arab Festival Closes Its 2023 Season

Palestinian Jerusalemites usher in the fall season with a splendid Arabic music festival.

The al-Bustan Scout Troop Offers a Rare Respite for the Youth of a Traumatized Silwan Neighborhood

Children find joy, purpose, and belonging in scouting in al-Bustan, Silwan.

“Stand Up Jerusalem”: 26th Annual Jerusalem Music Festival Showcases Palestinian Talent from Near and Far

Under the theme “Stand Up Jerusalem,” the Jerusalem Music Festival returned for a 26th year featuring six days of music, drama, comedy, and dance.

Who Are the Palestinians of Jerusalem? Walking Jerusalem to the Beat of Rap

An African Palestinian basketball player from East Jerusalem finds his creative calling through the love of hip-hop.

“Abwab al-Khareef”: Culture, Art, and Community Bazaar Opens the Fall Season by the Gates of the Old City of Jerusalem

Schools, art centers, galleries, and cafés between Jaffa Gate and New Gate open their doors for Palestinian arts and cultural activities to usher in the fall season.

25th Jerusalem Festival Brings Joy and New Talent to the Community

Palestinian musicians brought their inventive jazz, classical Arabic music, and hip-hop blends to the 25th annual Jerusalem Festival in August 2021.

Lockdown Does Not Stop Banat al-Quds (Daughters of Jerusalem) from Making Their Voices Heard

Young Palestinian Jerusalemite women find their voices in the Banat al-Quds (Daughters of Jerusalem) choir and ensemble.