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Spiritual and Religious Life Holy Fire Ceremony Marred by Police Restrictions, Brutality

For the third year in a row, Israeli authorities enforced strict restrictions on participation in the Holy Saturday celebrations, the holiest day of the year for Orthodox Christians.

Tree Lighting Illuminates the Old City and Brings Smiles to Faces

Christians throng the streets for a tree-lighting ceremony in the area of the New Gate in the Old City.

Israeli Police Violently Disperse Palestinians Celebrating Morocco’s Win over Portugal at Bab al-Amud

Exuberant celebration is added on the list of forbidden acts for Palestinian Jerusalemites under Israeli occupation.

Ramadan Moments: Old City of Jerusalem

A short vlog that evokes the sights and sounds of Ramadan in the Old City of Jerusalem, from morning into night—those moments that are not darkened by violent encounters.

Spiritual and Religious Life The Holy Light: From Jerusalem to the World

The Miracle of the Holy Fire in Jerusalem thrilled worshippers who managed to get in to see it, but thousands were blocked by new police restrictions that caused community outrage.

A Bab al-Amud Morning

An evocative video vignette that shares the experience of a typical weekday morning on the steps of Bab al-Amud (Damascus Gate) just outside the Old City. Part of our series on Jerusalemites' favorite places in the city.