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One East Jerusalem Neighborhood Boasts Two Muay Thai Champions

Meet the Palestinian champions of the martial art and combat sport of Muay Thai in East Jerusalem.

The Origins of an Iconic Jerusalem Art Form: Armenian Ceramics

We review the book Feast of Ashes, by Sato Moughalian, which chronicles the origins of the Armenian ceramic tradition in Jerusalem, first introduced there by the author’s grandfather, a refugee from the Armenian genocide. 

Who Are the Palestinians of Jerusalem? Creator of Long-Beloved Children’s Puppet among Hundreds Facing Expulsion in Sheikh Jarrah Neighborhood

Music educator and puppeteer Yacoub Abu Arafeh uses creative education to serve society and confront challenges, including those facing his own neighborhood, targeted for forcible expulsions. 

Who Are the Palestinians of Jerusalem? Muna and Mohammed El-Kurd Make the TIME100 List as “Icons”

Siblings who stood firm in the face of relentless efforts by the state and settlers to forcibly expel them from their homes in Sheikh Jarrah have been named to Time Magazine’s list of the most 100 influential people of 2021.